Few tips for making your homestay a better experience for the guests

Homestays can be the lifelines responsible eco-tourism. There is no better choice for a traveller than a simple, clean, genuine homestay. Here are a few simple recommendations from my observations of the best hosts that I had during my travels, on what can make your homestay a success.

  • Be what you are, showcase what is around you to the visitors. Factitious stuff won’t attract genuine visitors.

  • No traveler likes seeing concrete forests,  create a green environment around.

  • Know your land, know its history, know its geography. Guests always are interested in knowing it from you.

  • Be connected to your neighborhood, it gives you a lot more credibility when your guest hear good things about you from your neighbors they come across, be it the neighborhood handicraft store, restaurant or tourism help desk

  • Don’t ever exploit your guests’ ignorance, be it by charging high or by providing sub-standard food .. the day they come to know that, you are dead, these days it doesn’t take any time to get on to a social networking site and write a nasty comment

  • Have a good information portal on your facilities, tariff, location, contact details.

  • Know your guests, their liking, interests. Most of the visitors would like to have local food, but those staying longer will occasionally feel like having something that they are used to. Be prepared to cook an occasional meal of the visitor’s country/region. It may not taste as authentic as how it will be in their place, but it also shows them that you care.

  • Have a meal / drink with them occasionally, talk to them on common topics of interest.

  • Direct your guide to genuine vendors if they intend to purchase something locally, don’t hesitate to accompany them at times

  • Drop them an e-mail after they go back, inquiring on the return journey

  • Be in the hospitality business only if you genuinely like it, it doesn’t take any time for a visitor to find out your interest in this business, and stay away next time.


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